‘Once more unto the table my friend’ – Return of The Gamer

I have been an on/off gamer for probably over 25 years.  I have always been surrounded by wargaming and roleplaying from an early age for which I blame my father! Let’s not talk about the time my dad got accosted by armed guards at a Greek airport confused by a metal boxful of 5mm lead American Civil War miniatures found in his hand luggage!

From an early age I have always had a fascination with Fantasy and Sci-Fi which started from Jackson/Livingstone adventure game books. This provided a solid foundation for me to progress onto popular systems such as Warhammer and Warhammer 40k as well as many other more traditional systems. I have tried everything from Historical, WW2, Napoleonics and popular board games such as Talisman or Space Crusade. I never really excelled at these and as I got older found buying and painting miniatures quite costly and timely, plus i wasn’t actually that good at it. It probably didn’t help I was probably the only player around with an Imperial Guard army! Doh!

As you might expect mid adolescence arrived and  I naturally progressed onto Collectible Card Games (CCG) such as Tragic The Bankruptcy (ahem, Magic: The Gathering), Star Trek TNG and Star Wars CCG around the mid 90’s. These were great fun and you could have a decent game without the need for a large army or spending half the night setting up, but yes I spent far too much money! This was all topped up with a healthy passion for live action role playing , yup, Larping! Hey, it was a great time and it was nothing like the film Role Models, honest! Then the usual life commitments got in the way and  I backed away from the table for some time but always managed to find some digital way to soothe my addictions.

Then something happened. A few years ago a change in my job allowed me to start a roleplaying club with some of my learners where i worked. I quickly got back into Magic and pestered Games Workshop for some of their educational packs. The learners took to it too well and parents would either thank me for getting their kids off Call of Duty or curse me for pocket money rates rising above inflation!

A change of work and house move later and i now needed a release. I set about scouring local Facebook groups for roleplaying and wargaming clubs where I was pretty happy to find the Boston Wargames Club. Within a few weeks I started to pester and enquire about getting down there and having a game or two and was instantly taken by the X-Wing game. After my first session i was hooked (more on that later!).  The ‘table’ was once more my friend.

So. I sit here looking back on nearly two decades kicking myself for not getting back into things sooner. I have found a welcoming environment to once again pursue a passion of mine and will no doubt be spending the kids inheritance on new ‘toys’! I hope to share more of my my transition back into gaming in some future posts. But for now, thanks for reading!

Captain Antilles

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