Back into the city…..OF THE DAMNED!

As I am current chairman of the club, I suppose I ought to have a go at this blog thing. I didn’t however know what to cover. You see I am a complete gaming magpie. So, two birds one stone time. I am going to cover my re-entry into the world of Mordheim, and my experience of running campaigns in a war games club environment.


I last played Mordheim when it was on general sale, probably in the late 90s, when Mel (a current club member) ran an independent stockist in town. It was quite a while ago so I don’t remember everything from when we played then, but I did pick up a couple of useful buts of info.
1. Load up on heroes. Heroes are your only source of income, get as many as you can!
2. If you can have fast stuff, take it. Mordheim is generally a skirmish game of humanoid characters, if you get a dog/horse/mutated alien octopod that can out run them, you get a distinct advantage.
3. Most war bands can start with 5 characters, you are allowed up to 6, so to start off with take henchmen is small groups to maximise the chance of a “lads got talent result”.
Number 2 and 3 do often clash, most fast things are classed as animal, and therefore cannot gain experience, so you can’t do everything!


So the warband I re-entered the fray with this time was……Humans. I know, boring, but it thought that because of the ultramarine syndrome no one else would take the normal guys, and I found some pretty models. In any game, you go with the faction you like the look of, then make them work or you will never be happy with your faction.


I followed my own rules, with all 5 heroes and henchman split into 1 and 2 man groups. I went Marienburg as im a sucker for gold, and used my extra to get Friar Fish (Halfling scout/cook) and Maximus Hurtius (Pit Fighter) and the Boyz in the Hood, followers of Robin Hat were born. My First 2 games were against Tom G (Scaritus) and his rats. Game 1 I sat back and shot, learnt how difficult it is to take someone down with a bow (the weapon I built my warband around, damn) but won all the same, and gained a few upgrades (a dodging youngblood, and a second wound on the pit fighter).


Game 2, against Tom again, as I was now higher level, we rolled breakthrough, and he made me attack. Crossing the whole board with a shooting band. Great. This time, I went for it. I legged it as fast as my little human legs could carry me, only leaving 4 or 5 guys back to cover the advance. It hurt more than I expected, with 4 guys out of action but I made it (or rather, got an inch short and Tom threw in the towel to stop me getting the extra experience, trixy ratses). Of my injured guys, the hero with a halberd got brain damaged, and became frenzied, and a youngblood had to miss next game. But I Got my lads got talent for one of my swordsmen (will scarlet, how fitting) amongst other things. So I’m now on my full complement of money making heroes.


3rd and final game (to this point) was against Joe and his….Skaven! And it was breakthrough! And I was attacking! Joy! This was close, and bloody. Joe took me down to 3 guys on the last turn, as I was about to reach my goal, and routed my guys. I made a mess of his warband on my way out too though. Of the 10 guys he took out, I had -1I on 1 guy, and a miss next game. That was the sum total of the bad stuff! And little john hit enough people with his bit of tree to become a strongman! With my earnings from this one I have bought a pet dog for Robin to get the mv8 option I was talking about at the start.

So I am in a good place going into the next game. 1 guy short, but with max income flowing, and a fast guy now included. Although next time, Chaos will be hitting the streets (and I will discuss the campaign planning, and the cat herding that is getting wargamers to stay focussed on a campaign).


Tom P (Gnoblarbill)

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  1. Lovely write up Tom! Looking forward to the campaign starting!

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