X-Wing Newbie: Painting Bases

One of the things that attracted me to Xwing in the first place was the fact that you are ready to go out the box. None of this big army assembly followed by numerous hours of coat after coat after coat of paint and then realise how shocking I was at painting. That said after becoming immersed in the world of Xwing it wasn’t long before I stumbled across those who like to customise their generic off the shelf ships and accessories. Just Google “custom X-Wing miniatures” and you will find a plethora of custom markers, tokens, cards, ships and bases. Whilst many of these vary greatly with tournament legitimacy I have to be honest they look, well, pretty darn cool!

I’m wasnt sure I wanted to touch my ships but I was attracted by the custom painted/modded bases. Honestly the plastic bases don’t really do it for me and I have discovered that sometimes even the lightest knock on the table can destroy your strategy or help your opponent.  So I decided to review some others work and have a go my self.

I wanted to paint my bases black and weight them slightly to start with. I decided to use only 5 bases just in case there are any issues at clubs and tournaments and It would mean I would have spares and I don’t seem to be building many 5+ squads.

So here is a quick run through of what i achieved with a couple of hours to myself!

X-Wing Base


  • First up is paint. I’ve seen other builds using spray paint but locally all i could find was not quite right and about £8 a go. It was only a trial so I chose a small pot of Rustoleum from Wilkos. Matt Black and only £2, suitable for wood, metal and plastics; Perfect!
  • Next up a handful of washers from my tool box. I spent a while trying out various combinations that would be heavy enough but without protruding. Oh yeah and i found some Loctite super glue in the ‘man-drawer’.
  • Finally a pad pack from Poundland with all manner of sticky pads. These are for putting on doors, chair legs and surfaces for protection and anti-slip. This pack was cool as it had  a really useful square sheet which I chopped up to fit the base.


  1. I started by glueing 5 metal washers evenly across the underside. A light approach is best here, dot and dab and push into place. Leave to go off.
  2. After an hour or two I gave them and the whole base a light undercoat of the paint using a peg to hold them. (Note to self if using a brush try and reduce the brushstrokes for a smoother finish).
  3. Left this about another hour or two and topped them up with another coat. I used a piece of cardboard box with small holes in to prop the bases up upside down by the pegs.
  4. When they were dry I just unpeeled the anti-slip pad and stuck it on over the painted washers. Apply pressure.

That’s it! Not a bad job. I’m really happy with the weight as well. Looks cool with the finished model (IMHO!).

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