February News

What’s this, a new post? No, it can’t be…

Bloodbowl is the flavour of the month still.
Bloodbowl is the flavour of the month still.

Yes so the whole blog thing didn’t take wings really but hey ho, we’ve all still been gaming. Congratulations to Tom P for ‘Most Wins 2015’, it was good fun trying to beat him and I’m happy to have come a close second.

Current gaming favourite seems to be Bloodbowl still, but there are plenty of X-Wing, Bolt Action and Kings of War games going on. Jamie and I are heavily into Netrunner too and are trying to convince others to get into it so if you want an introduction game, let us know!

The club has also now started regular Sunday events once a month from 10-6 so if you fancy a marathon gaming session it’s the regular club prices. Check out more details of these dates on the forums.

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